Chelsea to close bidding race at 9pm on Friday – Premier Bet Uganda

Chelsea to close bidding race at 9pm on Friday

Chelsea are set to officially close the bidding race to buy the club at 9pm this Friday, according to a report.
The Blues are looking for a new owner to take over immediately after Roman Abramovich has been hit with sanctions from both the UK government and the European Union.

The future of the Premier League team is up in the air right now, with concerns that the finances will run out before the end of this season in order to pay the players and staff, but there are a lot of interested parties hoping to takeover.

According to the Daily Mail, those who are wanting to buy the club have until 9pm this Friday to submit their bids, with merchant bank the Raine Group closing the process at 5pm US East Coast time.

The process will then commence in terms of finding a brand new owner, and there are several people known to be wanting to put a bid in, such as Nick Candy and The Ricketts Family.

New bidders still have the opportunity to make a late push to try and buy the club, with the future of Chelsea set to be decided in the near future.

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Author: Antonio Turner